Fire Extinguisher Spray Fired Gender Reveal-Blue


Material:Holi Powders
Duration:6.9 seconds
Includes Light:No
Requires Batteries: No
Units included:1 piece

What is it?:
-Powder Spray Fire Extinguisher for gender reveal

How to use it?
-Remove the safety. Shake for 5 seconds. And press the trigger with the nozzle pointing above your shoulder.

For what occasion?
-Gender reveal or baby shower

Parties Suggested ages:
-Over 5 years old

PERFECT FOR A BABY PARTY: With our fire extinguisher powder you can announce your child’s gender in a particularly way and create a very special surprise effect.
CONVENIENT SIZE: We focus on the ideal size at gender baby showers. Very convenient, both parents can easily operate.
Content: Our powder has been developed to contain no harmful substances, so the Color is completely to humans and animals. We used food coloring and cornstarch for our baby shower.
Effect: Make stunningly beautiful photos of your baby shower as colorful powders fly through the and slowly sink to the ground. So you can always remember this wonderful day.
NEXT FACTOR: Of course, with our gender reveal spray, we make sure you can’t see the gender on the bottle. The gender will be revealed when our spray paint is announced.

-Avoid direct exposure to fire, cutting, tearing, throwing and/or high-impact blows and avoiding sharp objects.
-Do not ingest, do not leave within the reach of children or under the supervision of an adult.